Demo and march

Switzerland, Basel
8 November 2019 16:00-18:00


HIV: Fight stigma with awareness


HIV Science has made great progress, but the public has not kept up.

People with HIV continue to experience stigma and discrimination. The virus in the blood is apparently easier to eliminate than the stigma in the mind.

We want to make people aware that all people have the same rights, with or without HIV, whether LGBTI+, sex workers, migrants or anybody. Show your solidarity!

Let's shout NO STIGMA and NO DISCRIMINATION together!

Come to the demonstration!



Assembly on the Claramatte


Information and speeches by activists: Alex Schneider (HIV activist, organizer) Beat Jans (National Council of SP Basel-Stadt Vice-President of SP Switzerland) Liliya Ten (HIV activist and women's rights activist from Central Asia) Marcel Stöckle (Medical Officer and Head of HIV Consultation Unispital Basel) Karoline Aebi-Popp (gynecologist specializing in HIV) Michèle Claudine Meyer (HIV activist)


March through the streets of the city of Basel Claramatte – Claragraben – Riehentorstrasse – Rebgasse – Theodorskirchplatz – Wettsteinstrasse – Wettsteinbrücke – St. Alban Graben – Bankverein – Steinenberg – Theaterplatz


Final words on the Theaterplatz: Angelo Barrile (National Council SP, Chair of the Department of Sexual Health Zurich, doctor) Angela Lagler (HIV activist) Denis Godlevskiy (HIV activist from Russia) Romy Mathys (HIV activist)


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